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State Board Minutes - July - 2015

Minutes – 7/21/2015

Level 3 and 4 East/West States

Below is the split for teams competing in the East and West State meets for Level 3 and 4 States.


The gyms were split by geographical location, and to ensure as close to an even split for numbers of registered gymnasts as possible between the East and West parts of the state.



Aerials Gymnastics
AJS Pancott Gymnastics
American Gymnastics
Artistic Sports Academy Plus
Bensalem School of Gymnastsics
Berks East Gymnastics
Berks Gymnastics
Bucks Gym II
C3 Gymnastics
Central Bucks
Ches-Co Gymnastics

Cumberland Gymnastics (Level 4)

Dynamats Gymnastics Center

Energy Gymnastics
Force Sports Academy
Freedom Gymnastics
Funtastic Gymnastics, Inc.
Fusion Gymnastics
Girls CO-OP gymnastics
Gymolympic Sports Academy
Hatboro Twisters
High Performance Gymnastics
John Pancott Gymnastic Center
Kaiserman Gymnastics
Kendrick Kippettes Gymnastics
KMC gymnastics
Leaps-N-Bounders Gymnastics
Main Line Gymnastics
Mannettes Gymnastics Team
Metzler's Gymnastics
Montgomery County Sports Perfo
Northeast Gymnastics Academy T
Phoenixville YMCA
Pottsville Gymnastics
Power & Grace Gymnastics and D
Prestige Gymnastics
Ricochets Gymnastics
Roth's CrossPoint Gymnastics
Scorpions Gymnastics Academy
Shooting Starz Gymnastics
Silvia's Gymnastics
Skyline Gymnastics
Somerton Gymnastics
Spirit Gymnastics
The Gravity Forge Gymnastics
Thunder Cats Gymnastics
Tumble With Denise, INC
Turners Gymnastics, Inc.

United Sports Academy

Upper Merion Gymnastics





Alison Biondi Gymnastics
All-Star Athletics & Gymnastic
Arcadia Gymnastics Center
Aspinwall Gymnastics Center 
Bellefonte YMCA 
BG'S Gymnastics
Brandy Maries Gymnastics
Butler Gymnastics Club
Central PA Academy of Gymnasti
Centre Elite Gymnastics
Core Elite Gymnastics
Cumberland Gymnastics (Level 3)
Cutting Edge Gymnastics
Donachy Gymnastics
Emerald City Gymnastics
Falcon Gymnastics
G2 Gymnastics
Gemini Gymnastics of Pittsburg
GSV YMCA Bounders
Gym Dandys
Gymkhana Gymnastics
Gymnastic Center of Hershey
Hanover Gymnastics
Harrisburg Gymnastics 

Keystone Gymnastics Academy

Lakettes & Lakers Gymnastics

Leap of Faith Gymnastics
Legend Athletics
Lions Gymnastics / Carol Leone
LTD Academy
Miller's Gym Stars
Nittany Gymnastics Academy
Off Limits
Paramount Gymnastics
Perfect10 Gymnastics
Perry Juniata
Pittsburgh Gymnastics Club
Pittsburgh Northstars
Rainbow Gymnastics, Inc. 
Rogers' Classics
Summit Gymnastics
Team Lightning Inc. dba Erie G
The gymnastics zone
TNT Gymnastics
Trinity Gymnastics
Ultimate Gymnastics
Uzelac Gymnastics 
Wilson School of Gymnastics & 
XCel Gymnastics


PA USAG State Meet Registration

Now that everyone has submitted their roster through Meetmaker, it will be time to register your athletes for their State Meet competitions.

Page for links to all PA State Meets

Level 8 Vault Clarification

Level 8 Vault Questions


Is a coach allowed to ask for and receive the average of the first vault at Level 8?

Coaches can ALWAYS ask for the score of the first vault at ANY level. Many times it’s an issue of protecting a slightly injured athlete from doing another vault if the first vault score is adequate and acceptable.  Sometimes the gymnast plans to perform two different vaults and the coach wants to know the score of each to determine which was the counting vault.  For Level 8’s, it’s essential that the coach knows the score of the first vault to assist in their decision to have the gymnast try a second vault or not.


Please explain the 1.00 deduction for the coach spotting (assisting) during the post-flight for Level 8?  Is there ever a time that we would void a Level 8 vault, in regards to the spotting deduction? 

If a Level 8 (or any optional gymnast for that matter) is spotted in pre-flight or support phase, the vault is Void.

Since Level 8 is the first level at which salto vaults can be performed, the JO and Technical Committees decided to add a 1.00 deduction for spotting in the post-flight to encourage coaches to not be reluctant to “bump” the salto in order for the athlete to complete more of the BA rotation. While the intent was to keep the athletes safer on flipping vaults, it is also applicable to any vault performed by Level 8’s.


If the gymnast is spotted not only in the post-flight, but also during the landing phase, the spotting assistance on the landing phase deduction of 0.50 will also be applied for a total of 1.50.


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PA State Roster

To All Clubs,

The deadline is fast approaching to register your club gymnasts with meetmaker.  They must be registered to enter a State Competition.  Please see the attachment for any questions you may have.
Thank you,
Donna Guenther
PA State Administrator