Collegiate Gymnastics Growth Initiative

My name is Rob Drass and I was a gymnast at Penn State many years ago.  I have coached women’s NCAA gymnastics at Nebraska, Missouri and now I am at Pittsburgh.  I would like open communication so that NCAA Gymnastics in the state of Pennsylvania and Club Gymnastics in the state of Pennsylvania can both benefit.  Please feel to ask me anything that our Universities can do for the clubs.  I am part of the Collegiate Growth Committee and we have been asked to forward these two letters at all clubs in our state and region.  We are raising money to help more programs add NCAA women’s gymnastics.  In a nutshell we are asking clubs that run Invitational meets to add 1$ to the entry fee to be donated to the Collegiate Growth Committee.  Could you please pass this email along to the clubs in Pennsylvania.  Thank you for your consideration and let me know how we can serve you.

Region 7 -



Attached you will find the bid form for the 2017 Region 7 Regional meets.

Please note: 

Level 8 Regional bids:  The Region will accept bids in multiple formats, but prefer bids for this competition to be a modified capitol cup format.  . 

Level 9/10 Regional bids:  All bids should be using modified capitol cup format for the 9/10 Regional competition. 

In an effort to support the host club of both 8 and 9/10 Regionals in this endeavor, Region VII would like to present the following:

Pending availability of funds in the Regional account and after receiving a financial report from the host club, Region VII will pay the entire bill for the judges including:  honorarium, hotel accommodations, mileage and per-diem.  In addition, Regional and State head tax will be waived.  


APRIL 1-2, 2017 = Level 8 Regionals

APRIL 6-9, 2017 = COMBINED Level 9/10 Regionals.

Attached is the bid form.  If you have any questions, or to email the form back, please send them to 

If you would like to print and mail the form in, please use the address below.


Jen Bortz

PO Box 243

Boalsburg, Pa 16827

Attn:  Region 7 bid




All bids must be received no later than June 30,2016 to be considered.  




Thank you!

Jennifer Bortz

Region 7RACC

cell:  814-380-1195

State Meet Bids

PA USAGymnastics is accepting bid for State Meets.

Please submit your bid to

State Meet Bids are due by June 11th, 2016


Here is a list of the State Meets for the 2017 season.

March 4 -5  5 States
March 11 – 12  8 States
March 18 – 19 9-10 States
March 25 – 26 7 States
April 1 – 2 6 States
  8 Regionals
April 6-10 9/10 Regionals
April 15 – 16 Easter   &   NCAA Nationals 
April 22 – 23 4 States
April 29 – 30  3 States
May 6 – 7     Xcel States
  JO Nationals 

J.O. Survey - Vault


This is an important survey regarding Vault, speciffically for Level 7

Xcel – Regional Questionarie

The Region is working hard to initiate a regional invitational.  So far, word-of-mouth is telling us there is a lot of interest, particularly for older gymnasts who have already been successful in the Diamond Division. The host club is trying to gain some feedback so they know how best to plan for June of 2017.
If you need an introduction, something like the following would be great:
Plans are underway for a Region 7 Xcel Invitational for early June of 2017. If you work with Xcel gymnasts, please take the very short survey at the link below, whether or not you are interested in participating in such an event.  You input is greatly valued. Thanks so much!
Jane Caruso