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Xcel State Meet Times

Xcel State Meet Times

Level 7 State Meet Schedule and Age Groups

Level 7 State Meet Schedule

Level 7 State Meet Age Group Chart

All ages are as of April 25th

Level 10 Regionals

Level 10 Regional Schedule

Level 9 and Level 10 Age Groups for Regionals/Nationals

Level 9 Age Groups for Regionals and Eastern Nationals

Level 10 Age Groups for Regionals and J.O. Nationals

New Region 7 Regional Administrative Chair

On behalf of the Region 7 Regional Administrative Committee, we are so pleased to announce that Jen (Bundy) Bortz has been elected as our new Regional Administrative Chair!  Jen previously served as Regional Elite Chair, and we are thrilled to have her back on the committee, and in her new role.  She will be a huge asset to our committee, and our region!
The committee agreed to appoint Jen to start her position immediately, to finish Lynn's term (which would have ended July 1, 2015), so that we have representation at our national meetings in May.  Until July 1, and as Jen transitions into her new role, we will continue to use our interim Chairs for regional business.  We agreed that this would be an easier transition for both our clubs and Jen.  The committee will keep Jen updated on all regional business during this time.  
Until July 1, please continue to send Steve Garman any administrative business/concerns at  Financial business will continue to be handled by Donna Guenther at  Continue to send competition fees to Donna at 155 Philmont Ave

Feasterville, PA 19053. 
 We will send out an update later in the spring with Jen's contact information.
Many thanks to all of the members of the Regional Committee for their amazing efforts during this season.  A special thanks to Steve and Donna for their leadership roles and dedicated work.  They are a gift to our region!
Best of luck to everyone with your post-season competitions!
Linda J. for the Regional Administrative Committee
Linda Johnson
Region 7 JOCC