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PA State Roster

PA State Rosters are due by the level declaration date – January 15th.

PA State Roster Form must be submitted by email to Kevin Pope ( - will not be accepted any other way.  

Checks should be mailed to:

PA Gymnastics

ATTN: State Roster

155 Philmont Avenue

Feasterville, PA 19053

There is a $2 per gymnast fee.

If we do not receive the state roster, your gymnasts will not be permitted to register for the State Meet competitions.

Update – Lynn Perrott

Hello Everyone-

Once again I am writing you to share an update on Lynn Perrott.  Lynn (very) recently began experiencing abdominal discomfort and bloating, and was admitted to the hospital yesterday.  The medical team found cancer cells in her peritoneal cavity, and are proposing an intensive in-hospital course of chemotherapy beginning as soon as possible. As you can imagine, this is a very stressful time for Lynn and her family.
Lynn is such a strong woman, as we have known for years, and as she displayed last year as she recovered from her surgery, infection and chemo. We will stay united and Region 7 Strong to support her through this new challenge.  Please keep Lynn and her family in your thoughts and prayers.
Lynn mentioned to me several times this year how comforting and supportive your thoughts were while she courageously rallied back from her surgery last fall and underwent subsequent chemotherapy.  I have no doubt that she will feel lifted and supported from hearing from you.  Feel free to send cards and thoughts her way.  I will keep you updated as I know more.
While Administrative business is not a priority right now in our hearts and minds, we (the Regional Committee) feel it is important to proactively set an interim plan in motion so that Lynn can focus on her recovery.  Until further notice, please use the following points of contact for regional business:
Financial:  Please send competition fees (with sanction, no scores needed), invoices and any other financial business toDonna Guenther, SAC PA.  Checks should be payable to "USAG Region 7". Donna's  address is 155 Philmont Avenue, Feasterville, PA 19053
Administrative business (regional or national):   should be directed to Steve Garman, SAC VAat
As always, we will work together as a committee to respond to any issues or concerns.
Thank you all for your support and understanding during this time.
Linda J.
Linda Johnson
Region 7 JOCC
Home and Fax: (410) 721-5853

PA State Committee Members

Please welcome your new PA Board Members: 2014-2016

State Chairperson: Donna Guenther
Assistant State Administrator – Karen Clark
Information Administrator (web) – Mike Vanim
Xcel Rep. – Jane Caruso
Record Keeper – Kevin Pope
Compulsory Reps – Tammy Nulph / Melanie Sheriff
Optional Reps – Steve Heasley   /  Cara Blumenshein
Education Rep – Gene Speer
Awards Rep. – Jill Morris
Apparel Rep. – Lynn Ross
Judging Rep. – Teri McGirk
Test Administrator – Barb Cutillio
Competition Coordinator – Rich Fiorentino
Assistant Competition Coordinator – Bridget Hild

Region 7 High Performance Clinic

We are busy finalizing plans for our 10th Annual High Performance Camp, Sept. 19-21 at Woodward.
In this email you will find some important reminders regarding the camp.  Attached you will find a reminder list, liability waivers, and fundraiser information. All attendees—athletes, coaches and judges—must submit a liability waiver.   Any attendees of minor age must have this signed by a parent/legal guardian.  You do not need to complete the page on Medical History–
There are a large number of registered coaches and athletes with expired pro or athlete memberships.  This is a sanctioned event, and these must be up to date in order to attend–no exceptions!  Chris Erickson has emailed all clubs that have a coach or athlete who has not renewed.  MANY OF THE COACHES ON THIS LIST DO NOT HAVE CURRENT BACKGROUND CHECKS.  If this is the case, it is possible that the background check will not be cleared before the camp.  If your coach cannot attend, and you will be replacing the coach, please make sure you notify me byWednesday September 17th with the coach's name and USAG number so that I can verify.  Athlete renewals are easier–you just have to pay their dues!  Again, if the name (athlete or coach) is not cleared before the camp, the coach and/or athlete may not attend the camp.  All athletes must be accompanied by a coach! 
I have also attached information about our team building Fundraiser "Region 7 Strong" to continue raising money for the American Cancer Society.  I hope you will consider betting on one of our athlete teams.  Winning bets will be awarded a coupon for free registration to 2015 Regional Congress!  You can bid on a team during registration or up until 8:30am on Saturday (end of warm-up).
Lastly, and a huge favor to me, if you have any questions about the camp, please have a coach or judge (or club employee) contact me.  Please do not have family members emailing or calling me.  I REALLY appreciate that!!
See you all next week!

Linda Johnson
Region 7 JOCC
Home and Fax: (410) 721-5853

State Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting was held on 6/20/2014

Meeting Minutes